Action puzzle game with a touch of pair game mechanics. Or pairs made into an action puzzler? Play to find out what fits better!

Reveal a pair of symbols to make them disappear - you'll need the space for all the new ones falling down from time to time. If they reach the top, your game's over.

Every 1000 points you're rewarded with a random item. When used, they will either
- reveal all cards
- stop new ones from coming
- make them drop slower
- make them fade out slower
- let you pop one
- let you pop all of a kind
- keep the top row clear

- the back button now takes you back to main menu when game is over
- changed item 'slow fall' to 'slow game', slowing down everything
- removed items 'remove one' and 'remove kind'
- added items 'remove row' and 'remove column'
- adapted help pages accordingly
- items that are active over a certain time now last longer


shlippy 3 years ago

Game Graphics Mechanics
I really like the design of the icons and the sounds they make when you match them up. This is a tricky game for me to review because I find it difficult to remember more than two or three pairs of cards. After that I am kind of just guessing where cards are and using the process of elimination. Sometimes I will remember where three of a kind are but it only allows pairs so I can't get the third one. Maybe you could have it so cards fall faster but you are given more hints and you can match three or more. I hope that helps, i'll keep playing to see if i can get better.
Roast Em

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