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Project Strange

It's action-packed puzzle game about computer science that can become dangerous!With k_OS or LackNet (two operating systems) you have the task of decrypting files by Decrypter. Destroy servers, create internet connections, play game based on bugs similar to Geometry Dash - there are plenty of possibilities. Experience a hacker attack, experience great visual effects. Will you find out what is Project Strange - the title project left by Ethan and what is behind it?  

Game Graphics Mechanics

The game is great, mainly because amazing graphics and mobile/browser versions, but three things:
1. Animations in PvP are slightly numb,
2. The game also needs more features,
3. The trailer is too short and not fit (only dubstep music and 15 sec).

9 months ago

You can check game here:

9 months ago

Thank you for your comment!

We will fix this in the latest update, which will probably come on April 1st.

8 months ago

Okay, update 1.1.5 is now on Gamejolt with new tutorial!

8 months ago

Weird. I have Windows 7 too and everything is fine. What error is popping up? Maybe you have an old version of the game? Have you installed game by installer or extracted file .rar?

4 months ago

Project Strange

Mafia Disaster