Last Stand Tower Defense


Last Stand TD is a military-themed tower defense game with an endless mode. You need to protect your base from a variety of enemy tank types. As time progresses, the enemies get stronger. You have multiple types of towers to stop the enemy. You can alter the attack route of the enemy by placing your towers along the current route. As you progress through the levels, you gain new abilities that help you defend your base.

How long can you survive the endless waves of attacking tanks?


  • Camera movement: W,A,S,D, arrow keys
  • Camera zoom: Mousewheel
  • Increase game-speed: Button top right:
    Mouse left: Permanently,
    mouse right: Temorary

Try the fullscreen mode.

Please help me improve this game with your roast.

  • Main menu added
  • Abilities added
  • Bugfixes

  • 5 new levels
  • music


c0degazer 1 month ago

Controls Level Design
Game isn't challenging at all at this stage( It needs some level design.
Temporary game-speed increase seem like a bad idea to me. At least swap temporary and permanent controlls. Also to me it would be more comfortable if camera was controlled by mouse with wheel down instead of wasd.
When i press "quit" at the pause menu the game just freezes.
And last but not least: world surface looks like a macro shot of a snickers bar. For the love of god change it.

Mike 1 month ago

Thank you for your roast. Those are some good ideas I hadn't even thought about.

abra24 4 weeks ago

Mechanics Physics
I'm not sure what I did wrong. I placed a bunch of light turrets and the first wave of enemies all move faster than my bullets. I tried twice, couldn't hit anything, bullets too slow lol.

Mike 4 weeks ago

Thank you for your roast. This is a bug. I will fix this for the next version.

loodico 3 weeks ago

Animation Level Design
I really liked it.
The models are very basic, but i think it adds to the game instead. The paths are WAY predictible.
And I agree with the comment on the background.. is that supposed to be red sand?
Maybe less wavy and more shadows, because is a bit distracting.

Mike 3 weeks ago

Thank you for your feedback.
Yeah, the background is supposed to be red sand. I guess I will replace this texture now :).
The next update will include a more sophisticated level design.

Blue 2 weeks ago

UI Graphics Mechanics
I like that the game runs smoothly and the UI is clean and easy to understand. Everything seemed to work as it should and I encountered no bugs.

Right now the game play feels generic. Strategy games rely on giving the player meaningful choices, and I don't feel like I'm being presented with that. In future update you might include more variety in enemy types, tower types, level design, or upgrade paths. However, this is a great starting point for your game.

Mike 2 weeks ago

Thank you.
I'm working on giving the game more variety.
Roast Em


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