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Little Green Planet

Link to game: https://loodico.itch.io/little-green-planet(Check the youtube link for the game mechanics) Our world is running out of resources. We need to scout the galaxy to find new places. But we have an enemy faction with the same plan. The Rouges! Can you colonize faster? Once we get a planet , it is precious, protect it!. The Rouges invasion is coming. They are taking your planets, system by system. Your objective is to repel this invasion. This strategic game will provide hours of entertainment with challenging gameplay and addictive levels.Drag from any green planet and release your finger at your destination. In the browser you can drag and zoom with your mouse. You can always drag from multiple origins as long they are all your planets. This is a demo. Polite comments are always welcome.    

Game Graphics Mechanics

- I tried the version for web on itch,io
the controls are really not usable, unless you explain what keys or how to use the mouse.
I liked the sounds.. and the art looks nice
The screen should be adjusted ..It looks like for mobile...but for web any screen size can be.

11 months ago
Animation Level Design

I really liked it.
The models are very basic, but i think it adds to the game instead. The paths are WAY predictible.
And I agree with the comment on the background.. is that supposed to be red sand?
Maybe less wavy and more shadows, because is a bit distracting.

11 months ago

Thank you for your Roast!!
Indeed all of these points are present.
In honesty I also hate the sound that is annoying.. that will be my first change.. :)

10 months ago

Thank you for the roast!

Yes :). the Planets are generated from an itch.io.
It has been hard to balance the AI .. some times it gets easy and sometimes really hard.

Thanks again!

10 months ago

Thank you for the roast!

Yeah the AI is tricky... I am working on having these different difficulties as parameters ( is the "aggressiveness" of the red planets ).

Thank you again!

10 months ago

Last Stand Tower Defense