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Project Advance

Project Advance is a role-playing survival game where the player takes control of multiple generations of villagers.When the villager the player currently plays as dies, the game continues with one of the remaining villagers.The player needs to take care of the village to proceed. The player can teach skills to other villagers and build houses and containers to store valuable items.In order to proceed, the player needs to fight monsters for loot and collect resources from nature. Controls: Mouse 1: Attack/Interact Mouse 2: NPC interactions Mousewheel: Zoom I: Inventory J: Skills B: Build Menu How to play:If you die, you can continue playing as one of the surviving villagers. Find new items and increase your skill by defeating enemies. Reproduce so your village won't die out (right-click on NPCs). Tech NPCs, your skills You can collect resources by clicking on them. Keep track of your food and water so you won't die. You will lose if you and all the villagers are dead. You will win if you kill the troll in the forest at the end of the road.

Last Stand Tower Defense

Last Stand TD is a military-themed tower defense game with an endless mode. You need to protect your base from a variety of enemy tank types. As time progresses, the enemies get stronger. You have multiple types of towers to stop the enemy. You can alter the attack route of the enemy by placing your towers along the current route. As you progress through the levels, you gain new abilities that help you defend your base. How long can you survive the endless waves of attacking tanks? Controls: Camera movement: W,A,S,D, arrow keys Camera zoom: Mousewheel Increase game-speed: Button top right: Mouse left: Permanently, mouse right: Temorary Try the fullscreen mode. Please help me improve this game with your roast.

Animation Tutorial/Learning Curve

Tested on PC Web.
Good: Animations and smooth player movement.
Needs improvement: It's not clear what to do in this game. I just wandered around aimlessly and then get teleported for an unclear reason. It would be good to explain the goal to the player or do a tutorial.
Level-design is not bad but textures could be more fitting for levels. For example, the red tiles in the first level seem out of place and rock tiles are too dark.
Sound is missing entirely.

6 months ago
Animation Tutorial/Learning Curve

The game looks and feels good. But I don't understand what i need to do.

1 month ago
Story/Writing/Dialogue Controls

It took me a long time to figure out how to use the UI. I needed to click the field where I wanted to add a number, and after that, I needed to click the number. Before I figured that out, I was trying to use my keyboard, the virtual numeric keypad, and drag and drop. I think drag and drop would be a nice feature for this UI.
I don't understand what to do in this game. Why are there 5 starting numbers but 8 fields to fill? Do I need to get 50 in every row or only in the last row?
"See Demo" is not working.

1 month ago

Thank you for your roast. Those are some good ideas I hadn't even thought about.

1 month ago
Controls Game Graphics

I haven't played this for very long.
This is something that deserves the name "game" and looks somewhat polished.
I like the music, sounds, and video clips. The controls work and feel good. The UI is working well.
The level design is good, though I don't know if I like the random invisible traps.
The game is a bit too boring for my taste (at least in the first 5 minutes). Maybe you could add some abilities so the player can do more than just move.
The graphics could be improved, but I guess for the scope of the game, they are okay.
Nice one; keep going.

1 month ago

Thank you for your roast. This is a bug. I will fix this for the next version.

4 weeks ago
Story/Writing/Dialogue UI Graphics

I like how this game has a nice tutorial and well-written text with humor.
The mechanics work great.
I enjoyed the music. The sounds are good too. I would have liked to have had a slider for the sound options instead of the on/off buttons.
I haven't played for long, so I can't comment on the length and depth of the game, but it seems like there is enough content.
The graphics are good for a game of this scope. But they could be improved. For my taste, there are too many colors in the UI. Maybe the game would look better if there were a limited set of colors (see color theory).
This is a nice game.

4 weeks ago

Thank you for your feedback.
Yeah, the background is supposed to be red sand. I guess I will replace this texture now :).
The next update will include a more sophisticated level design.

3 weeks ago
Game Graphics UI Graphics

I played this game on PC with Firefox in fullscreen mode.
I enjoyed this game. It is fun. Everything works quite well.

There are some minor inconveniences I found in the UI:
There is a forward button on the last page of the tutorial that is doing nothing.
The title of the game is clickable but does nothing.
When choosing the powerup, the background image resolution changes (only in full screen mode).

I played the small map.
I liked all the small spaceships flying around.
I liked the concept of conquering other planets to get strong until you can attack the enemy.
The controls are good.
I like the art. It looks quite old and low resolution, but it reminds me of the good old games from 20 years ago.
There was one sound, though, that was a little bit annoying. I think it is the conquering planet sound. It sounds like it is clipping or something on my speakers.
And it was weird that after I conquered all the planets, there was no game won message.

A good little game. I would play again.

3 weeks ago

Thank you.
I'm working on giving the game more variety.

2 weeks ago
UI Graphics Mechanics

-I like the concept of the world changing as your sanity drops.

Needs work:
-I can fall off the map.
-Enemies spawn very close sometimes. That doesn't feel fair.
-There is no way to control the audio volume.
-The game needs more variety. Currently, I can just stand in one place and shoot the enemies coming from the same direction. It got really boring once I figured that out.

I like the idea. I want to see how this game will look in the future.

1 week ago
Game Graphics Mechanics

I cannot play this game on the web version with Firefox. I'm stuck on the screen with the options "One" and "Two". No matter where I click, nothing happens.

1 week ago
Story/Writing/Dialogue UI Graphics

-Long-term motivation and progression

Needs work:
-The game can be a little bit slow at times. A feature to speed up the time would be nice.
-Using the arrow keys skips the dialog. There were a lot of times when I accidentally skipped the dialog. Which is a shame since I really liked it.
-The in-game UI is not very reactive, and it's hard to identify what the icons stand for. Maybe you can make it more fun to use the UI.

Minor inconveniences:
- exit button on web just crashes the game.
- I didn't know what a button labeled "..." was supposed to do. Maybe rename it to "about"?

This game has a good concept, but it needs more polish.

1 week ago

Thank you very much for the time you took to play this and for the detailed feedback you gave.
I'm sorry that the help menu didn't work. I will upload the content of that ASAP.
You pointed out a lot of bugs that I wasn't aware of.
There is no crafting in this game at the moment. The only way to acquire a spear is by defeating enemies. My idea was that the player starts by defeating weak slimes (the ones that look like chickens) to get basic weapons and then proceeds to fight the goblins. I should make this more obvious.

1 week ago
Mechanics Game Graphics

I'm not into text-based games, so take what I say with a grain of salt.

-Everything seems to work properly and is easy to use.
-I like the features to interact with other players on many levels.
-The quests are good to get into the game and feel rewarding.
-The systems (e.g., crafting) have plenty of content and look very polished.

Needs work:
- Consider giving players the option to create a temporary account without providing an email address, at least for the beta.
-The pace of the game is too slow for my taste. I'm rather impatient, so 5 minutes feels like a long time to me.
-The game feels empty. I was reading about NPCs, but there seemed to be none around.
-Graphics would be nice. A map to see where you're going would help a lot.

I think this game has potential. If you manage to get players into the game so that the social features can be used, it might be an interesting experience.

1 week ago

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