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Kaetram is a 2D open-source MMO prototype. I do not have any specific plans for the game as of yet, but I am looking for feedback on what I have done so far.The source-code is available in the footer on the login screen.Feel free to join our Discord if you are interested in following development.

Game Graphics Controls

I've been following your development blogs for quite some time Jerome. I must say I am quite impressed by it thus far. I love the graphics and how you've pieced it together. I cannot play the game currently, but from the last time I played it, I found the controls a bit confusing. If I recall correctly, clicking regions is not as responsive and snappy as I was expecting.

8 months ago

Thank you for your suggestions. I completely agree with you, I do also feel as if the level system is confusing and there is no direct goal. I will definitely work on those suggestions.

8 months ago

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