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Solve puzzles with gravity, compete with your friends, and help a lonely astronaut find his way home! DOWNLOAD THE FREE VERSION (with ads): You get to manipulate the force of gravity... That's right. Newton's Laws don't apply here. In GRAVL, you compete with your friends to help Phil the Astronaut collect the most Fuel Cells, in the shortest amount of time, so he can refuel his spaceship and go back to his home planet. Phil is an astronaut working for a new space program, Gravitational Readjusters of Acute Vicissitudes of Levitation, also called GRAVL. His spaceship is stranded in space and he needs to find more fuel. In a strangely convenient turn of events, Phil encounters an ice planet with Fuel Cells lying around everywhere. You must help him before it's too late! FEATURES• NO ADS!• Stunning graphics in full HD!• 25 unique levels designed to make your brain hurt. More coming soon!• 10+ types of interactive gravity switches (including rotators, timed switches, bouncy switches). More coming soon!• Achievements and leaderboards on Google Game Services so you can compete with your friends!• Cloud Save enabled when you login with Google+ so your game progress is never lost, even when you switch from the Free version!• One very cute little astronaut.

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This game sounded like a ton of fun. I am an experienced programmer, but I've never used Python. After a quick skim of the provided Python 3 tutorial, I was ready to go. However, on the first level, [SPOILERS....] when I was almost finished entering the passphrase, a nasty bug happened. As soon as the words I was typing reached the edge of the terminal window, they started repeating infinitely on the screen, so I was unable to finish typing the passphrase. (I'm on Windows 10, btw.) This game seems really fun, but now I'm really disappointed that I can't continue past the first level. You should make it possible to either copy-paste text in the terminal, or to resize the terminal, or both, that way I wouldn't have to type it in and it wouldn't go past the edge and repeat.

Overall, great concept, but seems to be poorly implemented at the moment. Needs some work.

5 years ago

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