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Swinging Steve

Swinging Steve is a difficult, fast paced, endless swinging game which has you using nothing but a rope and gravity to help Steve swing over and under logs, all while trying to keep in front of the grumpy bird. Players earn coins depending on their score and these coins can be used to unlock additional characters. There are four possible character (three of which need to be unlocked), each with their own method of getting through the log gaps.Swinging Steve is a family friendly game aimed at the casual gamer who has a few minutes to spare and wants a challenge. It's perfect for those long bus rides, the boring waiting rooms or anytime where you have a few minutes to spare. Although each play-through is short, you'll constantly be wanting just "one more go". Learn to swing. Want to swing. Live to swing!   ~~~~~~~~~~Starting Tips ~~~~~~~~~~ I have been told that it’s challenging getting used to the controls at the start so here are a few pointers: Watch the example to get an idea of how the game works. Go slow while you’re still getting used to the controls. Clicking the ceiling approx. 1cm either side of Steve will give you a slower and more controlled swing. You will need to use the "lengthen rope" and "shorten rope" buttons often so get comfortable with them. Also, you don’t need to constantly tap these buttons, holding works. Try not to stay directly between logs for more than a second. It will severely limit your options.

Falling Fonts

Growing up I always loved playing typing games. Not only were they fun but they helped increase my typing speed immensely. It then occurred to me that people use their phones just as much, if not more than their computers, and therefore should try and become efficient at typing on their phones. Hence the idea of Falling Fonts was born!Falling fonts is a fast paced, typing game which caters to those that are new to using mobile keyboards, to those who are already experts. Play Falling Fonts to improve your typing speed and accuracy or give it to your child and see their proficiency improve without them realizing they're learning!Words fall from the sky and it is your task to destroy them by typing the words and shooting them! Earn coins by destroying the special golden words and then unlock new unique fonts!Includes 2 game modes, +40 fonts and +30 challenges.

Tutorial/Learning Curve UI Graphics

- The game plays well
- The learning curve is brilliant! The way you introduce new mechanics was done extremely well!
- The intensity of the gravity has been set correctly as well, as it gives the player plenty of time to perform their action but isn't too slow to bore them.
- The challenges are easy to finish but getting perfect can be a bit of a challenge

- The menu font isn't consistent and is sometimes difficult to read.
- The rotate block forced me to rotate when I didn't want to which was frustrating at times
- The lack of player animation

8 years ago
Game Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve

- Love the graphics
- Cool game idea
- Seems like it has meaning without being too in your face about it.
- Interesting main menu

- I wasn't sure how to begin
- Controls felt awkward (Maybe it would feel better using wsad?)
- All levels felt very similar
- Choosing the levels by jumping on the blocks was cool at first but became a nuisance quickly

8 years ago
Mechanics UI Graphics

- It's a fun and slightly addictive game!
- Controls feel tight
- Unique game idea
- The character graphics are simple but effective

- Need to make it clearer which keys are currently mapped. The current method is a bit difficult to read especially when a block is over the letter
- Was unsure how to start the game until I read the other comment
- Enemies are too unpredictable

8 years ago

Thank you for the suggestion! Animation really isn't my strong point but I definitely agree that it would help make the game feel like something is actually happening and that the characters are alive.

8 years ago

Thank you for the roast!
I understand the criticism but that's actually the main reason why I made the game. I always hated typing on mobile phones because I would constantly press the wrong key, so I designed the game so that after playing it for a long time, the players' typing accuracy and their comfort with a non-physical keyboard would increase.

8 years ago
Controls Game Graphics

It's a simple but fun game. Would be a good game to challenge a friend to! The controls are simple and the idea is easy to understand but hard to master.

However, the graphics need desperate improvement.An essential suggestion would be to add an actual button around the two options with some feedback. Another suggestion would be to go for a flat shaded look.

I also tried to jump straight into the game without reading the instruction but I had no idea what it was about. Maybe add a small message before the player starts the first round saying "Pick the colour of the text, not the word"

8 years ago

Swinging Steve