Gloria's Journey


Go around the Island as a character named Gloria and slay monsters along the way.


Woum 3 weeks ago

UI Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve
Well, I didn't quite find everything I could there, the ui graphics are prefect, the base graphics are pretty decent, but I'm not quite sure what I had to do.
I only fought one vampire that killed me and I couldn't see its life?

There's something weird will colliders, it feels like to enter a cave you have to come from up and to leave it from down? At first I was lost and couldn't find a way out :(.
Same for the city, I used your saved file (you uploaded the game with a save file with level 6 character :D), and I could get out of the city but I had hard time re enter.

Ayush_Dutt1 3 weeks ago

UI Graphics
Good game.
Good work.
G3 Rule of mine.
Keep it up
Roast Em

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