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Sqroma is a puzzle game where you have to dodge the colored ennemies to reach the end. You'll be able to make the ennemies kill themself or becoming yourself colored and pass through them and their shots.Actually in progress ! There's actually 11 levels to play and get the base concept of the game!

Mechanics Controls

A lot of reviews are old and it seems you changed the speed already, but damn, that square jump so fast for me too!
I felt that everything was kinda obvious, I went straight to the glowing square, click and made my platforms, nothing to change on the first game minutes imo.

But, I dunno, this over excited square was not as pleasant as I'd like it to be, I didn't push really far into the game because of that, but still, the base idea is simple but nice.

2 years ago

Thanks for the roast, it's a prototype mostly to gather people reaction about the core concept. I think it can still be nice with minimalist graphics, but it needs a refine (that's actually what I'm working on, like you, most people are a bit disappointed by the graphics).

2 years ago

Thanks for the roast, I'll update the graphics for the next version and I'll be happy to have a feedback again about thoses :)

2 years ago

Ah you're the first one to point that and that's totally true. I'm gonna patch this soon.
Thanks for the feedback!

2 years ago
UI Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve

Well, I didn't quite find everything I could there, the ui graphics are prefect, the base graphics are pretty decent, but I'm not quite sure what I had to do.
I only fought one vampire that killed me and I couldn't see its life?

There's something weird will colliders, it feels like to enter a cave you have to come from up and to leave it from down? At first I was lost and couldn't find a way out :(.
Same for the city, I used your saved file (you uploaded the game with a save file with level 6 character :D), and I could get out of the city but I had hard time re enter.

2 years ago