A first person platformer based on using a grappling hook to swing around. It contains one short map, which can be gone through in around 10-20 minutes. The game is currently in development and I would appreciate any input and feedback. 

The default controls are WSAD to move, SPACE to jump, LEFT SHIFT to wall jump when in air and close to a wall. Left mouse click shoots the grappling hook and right mouse click cancels it. You can press R to respawn at a save point, and P to show frames per second. The game is meant to be played at higher frame-rates (>80fps), given the sharp low-poly environment.

The settings menu isn't done yet, and it's preferable to set your visual and control settings in the unity launcher. Currently only the 64-bit version is uploaded, I will upload a 32-bit version soon. I have a very poor computer and recording gameplay is quite difficult for me, so I'd definitely appreciate if someone made a short gameplay clip similar to mine - let me know if you do so.


Ferguson 1 week ago

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