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A first person platformer based on using a grappling hook to swing around. It contains one short map, which can be gone through in around 10-20 minutes. The game is currently in development and I would appreciate any input and feedback.  The default controls are WSAD to move, SPACE to jump, LEFT SHIFT to wall jump when in air and close to a wall. Left mouse click shoots the grappling hook and right mouse click cancels it. You can press R to respawn at a save point, and P to show frames per second. The game is meant to be played at higher frame-rates (>80fps), given the sharp low-poly environment. The settings menu isn't done yet, and it's preferable to set your visual and control settings in the unity launcher. Currently only the 64-bit version is uploaded, I will upload a 32-bit version soon. I have a very poor computer and recording gameplay is quite difficult for me, so I'd definitely appreciate if someone made a short gameplay clip similar to mine - let me know if you do so.

Mechanics Controls

First, the small things - weapon switching is sort of buggy - the enemies start weirdly chopping sometimes, the projectiles are choppy too. Does Time.timeScale not slow down these properly? I also had some sort of weird crash or something once, when the time stayed very slow and everything was choppy and laggy. Basically there could be something something wrong with how you slow down time.

Add some information on controls at least here in the description. I had no idea how to use spells and so I never did, only here in the comments I notice you're supposed to hold down right mouse click. Add a message when the game is over (I assume that after the fight with 2 enemies at once it's over? Because the game just kept saving and loading in the empty arena for me after that). I also had There's probably lots of other things.

Now the important stuff - the movement is a bit too fast and way too responsive in my opinion. I like fast fps games, but this is too much. I'd slow it down. Most of all, the acceleration is too fast, and the player has too much control while in air. There should be a noticeable difference in how the game feels when you do something like a sprint/jump, and normal play. If you insist on this type of super fast game, then make the maps larger and the jumps even higher.

Mechanics/enemies/etc. - now this part isn't a relative weakness of the game, but it's an fps and it's very important in these, so I'll mention it. As far as the enemies go, their attacks are varied enough, but the defense against them is too much the same - move away, strafe to the side, sometimes jump. I'd try to do something that forces the player to have more varied movement - something that forces the player to react to where the enemy is more. Right now, it's a bit too easy in some sense to dodge and not take damage - the only hard part are the very sensitive controls. You could also add something that rewards risks like moving closer to the enemy etc. - at the moment, I had no incentive to ever do so.

The weapons feel pretty good and are quite varied. Some of them take up too much space on the screen. The effects for them should be more interesting, but that might fall into the category of art, so maybe I shouldn't judge that.

I would have chosen the favorite aspect as AI, but I don't see it as an option. It seems to work well and without any issues. The enemies have a good amount of variety in their attacks etc. and they all do them properly, without any issues, which made the game experience far more interesting for me.

10 months ago
Tutorial/Learning Curve Mechanics

Get rid of the account stuff. I went through with it, because I realized I don't have to put in an email, so I just put in some gibberish, but most other people will not bother with your game if you have to do some sort of account. It's something that people are very annoyed and sensitive about - especially when it comes to playing a casual, online game like yours - the whole point is that it's easy to play.

There's no clear description of what's happening. The bullets shoot in a weird way - they go in the direction you move in? Or what exactly do they do? Either way, they should be faster on default. I'd up the speed of the game too - make the basic/default speed (and bullet speed, like I mentioned) and bullet firing rate faster.

Is there any way to get health back? Why should I even try to beat other enemies if it doesn't help me at all? Or does it eventually? I didn't play it very long, but beating enemies didn't seem to reward me at all. There was nothing to pick up on the map.

Trying to be number one on some sort of leaderboard is ok, but an online game like this needs more immediate incentive to try and do stuff - killing enemies makes you stronger, give you hp, etc - something like that.

Besides that, it works - works fine without issues, no lag, no weird errors etc. The enemies (or bots I suppose?) are moving around fine etc, evenly distributed around the map. I like the varied RPG possibilities, but if I have to try each one to see what exactly it does, it gets me pretty annoyed - so make a clear, short description for each.

10 months ago

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