Espada de Sheris is parkour 2D Platform game that tells the story of Kibo rescue crystals power stolen by Boss Stickers demon

How play:

Mouse left click = Attack Enemys and transition scenes

WASD = Move

Enter (return): Attack Enemy


Art = SketBR

Programmer = SketBR

Idea game = SketBR

Music = SketBR

More info:



allie 1 year ago

Physics Level Design
It looks like you have a good start at a platformer, and I kind of liked the music, so I didn't mute it as I sometimes do. The mechanics seem to work well (nice jumps and swings). I'm not sure what the cross-hairs did(future arrows?), but the sword worked well.

The things I might change:
It usually looks like the player is floating, so I might lower where the collision boarder is or just change the color of that part to be another shade of brown?

controls: I could use the keyboard for movement and jumping as they were standard settings, which is nice, but I couldn't swing the sword w/o using the mouse. I tried a number of keys (possibly all), so I'm thinking it just isn't mapped, so I would map maybe f, [enter], [ctrl] or other to the swing. I probably would map the arrows for side to side, up arrow for jump, and ctrl for fire, but not sure -- it would be nice and compact that way though.

The first two levels have a floor, but the third didn't (or you died on collision), I'd probably either add the floor like levels 1-2, or give some indication there isn't one (panning option (another option for up/down arrow - pan up down then space would be jump as it is now) using the camera or just some indication you will die there, or it may just be a ?bug? as there is an NPC down there later on. (I played it from a Firefox browser in case that helps with your debugging). Happy coding!

nimainer 1 year ago

Game Graphics Mechanics
the game is really cool but is why is there no menu if someone never played a game before how would they know the controls, and why do you instantly die when you touch a monster I think you should add some power ups,
or a health bar so you don't instantly die on impact there game looks pretty good but I think everything is a little too large other than that I think the level's should be a little longer and there should be an animation for entering the crystal thing so you don't just see a new page that kind of weird

nimainer 1 year ago

note : what I meant to say by there should be an animation when entering a crystal was the music shouldn't stop and start playing again

DougMR 1 year ago

Animation Controls
It's fun to play, but I don't think its level design benefits the gameplay. Dying in one hit is infuriating when you have so many leaps of faith and enemies out of camera range. If you keep the mechanics as is, but redesign your levels so the player can see the obstacles ahead, it will feel a lot fairer.

simon 1 year ago

Game Graphics Mechanics
Looks good! But play is NOT fun.
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