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SpanishVerb Conjugations

Game that helps with practicing Spanish verbs in 5 tenses.You select a tense and verb you want to practice and then click on the objects in one of the three themes (balloons, asteroids, bubbles) that match the prompt at the bottom.Game keeps track of your progress in the Trophy section, and allows for some basic settings such as speed, lives...

Story/Writing/Dialogue Tutorial/Learning Curve

I liked the idea of this game - it was a unique shift on a classic.

I think the biggest issue was no solid instructions. I saw them here after, but I didn't in the game, so it took me a few tries to even figure out what was happening. I actually didn't even notice that the tetris objects were moving as I was focused on why my player wasn't moving. I pressed just about every key and eventually realized what what happening. So, I would get some instructions on the screen and maybe a small animation showing that movement is moving the blocks (not the player). It made sense after, but initially it was confusing.

The next thing I might look at doing is having it to where only 1 piece is available for (level 1? or intro) just to get the hang of the process. I'd probably just have the simple 4 blocks in a row as that is easy to manipulate and is an easy level 1 (level design may need to be modified so that works right. Then maybe have it go full on or then just introduce the new piece/tool at level 2. I only played maybe a handful of times, but it seemed a little more challenging for a person just starting off, so either just a single piece or slower for a short bit? Just my thoughts. Hope this helps - good luck with your dev!!

4 months ago
Physics Level Design

It looks like you have a good start at a platformer, and I kind of liked the music, so I didn't mute it as I sometimes do. The mechanics seem to work well (nice jumps and swings). I'm not sure what the cross-hairs did(future arrows?), but the sword worked well.

The things I might change:
It usually looks like the player is floating, so I might lower where the collision boarder is or just change the color of that part to be another shade of brown?

controls: I could use the keyboard for movement and jumping as they were standard settings, which is nice, but I couldn't swing the sword w/o using the mouse. I tried a number of keys (possibly all), so I'm thinking it just isn't mapped, so I would map maybe f, [enter], [ctrl] or other to the swing. I probably would map the arrows for side to side, up arrow for jump, and ctrl for fire, but not sure -- it would be nice and compact that way though.

The first two levels have a floor, but the third didn't (or you died on collision), I'd probably either add the floor like levels 1-2, or give some indication there isn't one (panning option (another option for up/down arrow - pan up down then space would be jump as it is now) using the camera or just some indication you will die there, or it may just be a ?bug? as there is an NPC down there later on. (I played it from a Firefox browser in case that helps with your debugging). Happy coding!

4 months ago

This was fun. It definitely felt like an old style arcade game, and was pretty straightforward in play-ability - point and shoot ;).

The only issues I had with the game were the initial wave was a good warm-up, but the next wave seemed like everything was coming all at once, so it was a pretty big jump in game play.

The only other thing is that of the 8 or so sessions I played, 2 or 3 of them actually went to a white screen while the action was happening behind this white screen (i.e. I couldn't see anything, but I could here the scene) and soon enough I would die. I happened right as the boss was coming on the screen. I was playing the OpenGX version (just downloaded it, so fresh install); it may not happen in the full version, but it may be good to know that it happens in the new OpenGX version sometimes. Happy coding!

4 months ago
Mechanics Level Design

It looks like it would be fun to play, and for a tank game, it was actually kind of cute, though based on the starting image this is prototyping. I liked the feel of the game and the trails, -- though not sure if they served a purpose specifically but liked them just the same.

I'd say the health pickups may want to be a little more noticeable as it took me another watch to determine how health was going back up. I thought perhaps it was when you killed one of them initially...but then noticed the little squares.

Also, the sound was very low as I had to turn my speakers up quite a bit to hear the effects. I'd potentially add some additional SFX as well. Hope this helps.

4 months ago

Yeah, I learned that as I was going to upload that it is limited to 20M, and unfortunately, with all they python back-end files, it ended up being 50M, so I have to ensure I have a properly written EULA before pushing it to something more public. After, I get around to doing that, I'll certainly get the upload going - thanks for looking.

3 months ago

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