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Espada de Sheris

About Espada de Sheris is parkour 2D Platform game that tells the story of Kibo rescue crystals power stolen by Boss Stickers demon   How play: Mouse left click = Attack Enemys and transition scenes WASD = Move Enter (return): Attack Enemy   Credit Art = SketBR Programmer = SketBR Idea game = SketBR Music = SketBR   More info:

Espada de Sheris: Chapter One

About Espada de Sheris is indie game beta 2D platformer parkour that tells the story in future of 4000 Kibo rescue power crystals were stolen by Stickers demon WASD = Move Enter = Attack Enemy Credit Arts = SketBR Programmer = SketBR Music = SketBR Characters voices = SketBR Links externals NFT links newgrounds Crowdfunding Press Kit Unity Source Code

Espada de Sheris: New Gdevelop Version

About Espada de Sheris is a pixelart 2d parkour focused platformer solo indie game created by SketBR that tells the story of the cat european ninja of the future named Kibo. Kibo makes adventures to save the world. Story In the year 4000 where humans became extinct by extraterrestrial named duzker and what exists are cats and duzker who are called demons according to cats because duzker look. A euro ninja cat named Kibo was guarding the crystals of power until they were stolen by the Sovereign Stickers

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Me lembra jogos de tiro com rpg, mas eu gostei da ideia

9 months ago

already tried to press the "Enter" key but I already corrected the chapter one button. I apologize for the error

1 week ago

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Espada de Sheris

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