Eidolon's Prototype


What is Eidolon's demo ?

  • A prototype focused on a game atmosphere
    • with elements of : Visual Novel & Tactical RPG
    • introducing a dense story we want to reveal.
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This is one of the "Happy new year 2018 Phaethon Games prototypes series" so feel free to share and comment,  and of course support your favorite project that will be entirely developed. (starting next month)

In this version we spend a few hours improving :

  • UI
  • Graphics
  • Debug (moonwalk issue)

If our community vote for this project, we will develop a full story with differents characters.

You will have to manage a full team throughout several levels to help them succeed in their missions or just survive.

Each character will have his own psychology and you will have the handle their stress through dialogue and specific actions in the game.

As an example, staying alone when the character knows that the creature is in the mine will make his stress progressively rise up. On the contrary, if you chose to group your team, you will not have an engineer on a panel control to remotely close the door to block the Xenos creature chasing you.

You will definitely have a team (doctor, engineer, hacker, soldier etc.) with their unique sets of skills and abilities to use and improve throughout the game.

The story will be divided into several episodes with several endings and your actions in each episodes will impact the following episodes.


nikolulica 4 months ago

Game Graphics Physics
Just create a game more playable and make the whole story with user interaction.
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