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Eidolon's Prototype

What is Eidolon's demo ? A prototype focused on a game atmosphere with elements of : Visual Novel & Tactical RPG introducing a dense story we want to reveal. Want to help us ?You can give more feedback with our Google FormLiked this game ? Vote for it on our social networks !This is one of the "Happy new year 2018 Phaethon Games prototypes series" so feel free to share and comment,  and of course support your favorite project that will be entirely developed. (starting next month)


Strategy, fun, and challenge awaits in this original demo with a complete and easy to grab game mechanic.   Click on the space between two taken points to connect them. Hold down click if you want to block connections between 2 points. If one of your point is linked to more opponent’s points than yours then it is lost. End up with more points than your opponent to win the game.Want to help more ?Fill our Google Form ;) Features: Play online (pray for an opponent or click on “activate AI” if you get bored waiting) solo game VS our wonderful GingerPower AI ! Training mod : play against a friend or yourself if you consider yourself a friend (on the same device or not!).  

Mechanics Game Graphics

Really nice game.
The control and mechanics are easy too handle and quite smooth.
I found the music quickly annoying and the sound option are really a good thing.
Custom controls would be a plus for me.
Graphics and Sound improvements would be cool.

1 week ago

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