Decknight is a roguelite that blends the old “Choose Your Own Adventure” books with turn-based rpg combat and randomly shuffled cards that contain different encounters.   Take the role of a lone knight on an epic randomly generated quest. A journey with unknown dangers like mysterious strangers, creatures, and old ruins to explore.   Play a unique experience everytime you start a new run depending on your decisions and the cards order. Collect special cards and new equipment to make your own strategy for each enemy.   In Decknight you will find: - An innovative turn-based combat system. - Make your choice on each encounter. - Four different decks. Grassland, Woods, Lake and Mountains. - More than 150 different cards with more than 500 areas. - More than 50 different equipment cards (including spells, armors, weapons, shield and magic items). - Different endings depending of your decisions. - Game Plus Mode.

  • Now there are game endings.
  • New mountain deck added.
  • Some weapons, spell and objects have been modified and balanced.
  • If you kill and enemy his last attack is not resolved anymore.
  • Your enemies can now use objects, and they equipment and behabiour are more varied.
  • Some cards have been modified to make them more variable.
  • Decks screen performance improved.
  • Several minor bugs resolved.

  • Improved english translation.
  • New weapons, objects ans spells.
  • Fix bugs, fix bugs, fix bugs.


Northronics 2 years ago

The UI is good, the graphics are nice. The story seems to be varied and interesting. However, the combat is clunky and predictable. To make it interesting, the enemies should have more varied behavior, maybe add a timer of some sort to stress the player a bit. Or easiest of all, just make attacks do more damage so combat takes less time out of exploration and storytelling. All in all exploration and storytelling is good, but the combat is a boring break to it.

I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this game though. I like the concept.

Enrik 2 years ago

Hi and thank you for the feedback!
It’s good to see you liked the main concept of the game. About the combat, do you think the problem is that there is too much combat or the combat system itself? I know the combats are very easy and simple at the beginning but they must be more complex and enjoyable as the game progress.
Anyway, the next version is going to have more objects for the humanoid enemies (now they never have objects equipped) and more weapon variety. I hope you like the changes!


Cleb3rson 1 year ago

Your game is very good! I was looking for a game with a good concept of text rpg and yours has other elements, which makes it very interesting. If you are interested in making the game available in portuguese from brazil, I can help you with this.

Enrik 1 year ago

Thank you for the feedback! I hope you enjoy the game. Of course, I'll love to have the game in all the possible languages, if you are interested in making a Brazilian translation just write me to and we can talk about it!

LegendaryDragon 1 year ago

Level Design Controls
i like your game it's awesome, but i dislike the RNG in the game, you can play the games 30+ times without a mistake and yet die. it's a great game no doubt but less RNG... seriously it kills a game to've a rng based combat system, i do like the rare items example when i finished the game i'd only 1 weapon and my hand, best armor ( 3 armor)? a ring which grants attack and a sword that deals 2 damage, was amazing to get this far.. sadly i espected a bit more i would've loved to continue the story a bit more mostly because while the lore seems lame and dumb it's internesting because i'm loving the game-
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