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Decknight is a role-play game where you travel through multiple card decks. On each card you will have to make choices and decide your path.Take the role of a knight on his way to the Dark Castle and fight against dangerous creatures in a turn-based tactical combat where a bad decision can be lethal.Play a different game each time depending on your decisions and the cards order. Find new equipment with different abilities, spells, objects and armors. You have to choose wisely the cards and make your own strategy for each enemy.In Decknight you will find: A different game each time. You can make your choice on each situation you find. A different deck for each zone you visit. Grassland, Woods, Lake and Mountains. More than 130 different cards with more than 500 areas. Different creatures, weapons, spells and objects for each zone you visit. Different endings depending of your decisions.

Mechanics Level Design

You have a very good concept here. The gameplay mechanic is original and nice. Maybe you should try to add more visual help at the beginning because sometimes the player don’t know if something has changed.

The main problem here is that besides the great concept and the shadow mechanic it’s very hard to do original and awesome levels. It’s like the last levels are just about finding a switch in the shadows to get one piece of the way. I usually find myself wandering around to find the hidden switch instead of thinking about the solution of a puzzle.

The other parts of the game are wonderful. Nice graphics and sounds. The shadow effect need a little improvement (maybe just some blur or more rounded edges). Everything fits good together and the ambience is awesome.

5 months ago

Well, I like puzzle games a lot and I like when there are hard so maybe I’m not the average opinion here. But as you can see in the comment on the Play Store a lot of people compare your game with Monument Valley. MV is an easy game but they mix both the exploring part with the puzzle part in a good way. Sometimes just exploring makes the players stop and say “wait a moment” if I do this and that…” that’s the part that makes the players feel good and “Smart”. I you manage to make some levels with that feeling then you have it.
You already have an awesome concept and mechanic, now you only need some nice levels that makes the player say “wow” because the initial “wow” of the shadow mechanic is going to fade away in a few levels.
But like I said maybe I’m not the most representative player here. I think you already know all I comment here, lol. Good luck.

5 months ago

Hi and thank you for the feedback!
It’s good to see you liked the main concept of the game. About the combat, do you think the problem is that there is too much combat or the combat system itself? I know the combats are very easy and simple at the beginning but they must be more complex and enjoyable as the game progress.
Anyway, the next version is going to have more objects for the humanoid enemies (now they never have objects equipped) and more weapon variety. I hope you like the changes!

4 months ago