Good time killer #one time play #my first game
Photo credit: ibtesam ahmed
I hereby thank my good friend Ibtesam for providing the pics used here. 
Stay tuned you may see his amazing games on Roast My Game very soon.

New levels and sounds also in game currency  and other In game systems!!!!


marc_games 1 year ago

Mechanics Controls
I'm looking forward to have those games then !

Well, this are plenty of games like this, but to control a cube can be fun actually.
The minimal art is nice and I like when the cube impacts an obstacle.

But, the controls are too sensitive and the behavior when the cube jumps is chaotic (maybe it's a feature, I don't know)
That's a good 'proof-of-concept' for a first game ...

Raj_Singh 1 year ago

Thanks I'll put these ideas in my next game

ymarquez 1 year ago

Game Graphics Controls
Very good, simple and enjoy

Raj_Singh 1 year ago

Thankyou very much

FeikovDijk 1 year ago

Mechanics Controls
Quite an enjoyable little game!
UI is looking simple and clear, very good job there. I'd spend a little more time on the actual controls, for me it feels much too slippery to actually give the player a sense of control at the moment. Personally I feel like I'm just speeding through the level hoping I don't hit anything, but I can't actually respond to the obstacles on time.

Onboarding is missing, which isn't too big of a deal at this stage but should be added at some point. Cube jumping doesn't feel like jumping, it feels like the whole stage is simply shifting down. This could be solved by not attaching the camera to the cube but creating a more dynamic, smooth camera rig.

Hope this helps, keep up the good work!

SepiGamedev 1 year ago

Game Graphics Physics
I liked it! This was also my first game following brackeys tutorial, but you added so much to it, congratulations! I liked the music a lot. Maybe the movement and jump physics could be tweaked a little. Overall, great work!

Dzavadskaya 1 year ago

Great game, really love it especially the minimalistic design and music. Well done!

PepcGames 1 year ago

Mechanics Animation
Did you watch brackeys tutorial? Is this made in unity? Because the first game I made is like this after watching brackeys, but mine is not better.
Very cool! But I think you encountered the same problem I had the cube gets slightly tilted the more you move. I myself don't know how to fix it, I am 14 yrs old and I just started.

digitalwater 1 year ago

Physics Mechanics Reply

MuhammadAzeemBhatti 1 year ago

Game Graphics Game Graphics
The Game Graphics are amazing but they need to be relaistic
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