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Moon Landing Project

This game is a casual platformer, hard and physically accurate. You pilot the lunar module with a limited amount of fuel.The status:This is currently a "beta" version : this game logic is playable with almost all the gameplay.This is also a "demo" version: mainly because I made few levels, and I wanted to have ideas and suggestions before to implement additional gameplay features.I wish:- to have accurate physics (but not exact, to have better player experience)- to have nice graphics & art (I try !)So tell me what can be improved and what features you want to have ;)


Nice concept, nice game !

On the first levels, maybe you can draw a preview of the orbit.
I didn't find the way to exit a level without having to complete the current level, if I want to replay another level or to skip one.

Is it possible to prevent orange-boxes to spawn when the "dot" is on its position ? or perhaps have a warning before so the player can react ;)

Also, can you add a sound-volume slider in the settings ?

1 year ago

I thought there is some "space" physics, but
* the probe is more acting like a car or a shopping cart (I mean it's like the probe is on wheel)
* the asteriods are moving like flies

Except the "space" thing, the gameplay is correct.

1 year ago
Mechanics Controls

I'm looking forward to have those games then !

Well, this are plenty of games like this, but to control a cube can be fun actually.
The minimal art is nice and I like when the cube impacts an obstacle.

But, the controls are too sensitive and the behavior when the cube jumps is chaotic (maybe it's a feature, I don't know)
That's a good 'proof-of-concept' for a first game ...

1 year ago
Game Graphics

I liked the art too. Good start point but only 1 level for now.

Sometime the character fails to jump when he is sticked to a vertical wall.

1 year ago
Mechanics Controls

Cats can do everything !!!
I liked the ambiance, this lovely cat in this dark and freaking world. The pixel art is very nice.

There were 2 things that prevent me to play beyond the 4th level:
* the respawn system works well one the 1rs and 2nd death, but after many tries, the cat spawns on a previous checkpoint and I loose some advance in the level. Annoying.
* Jumps between 2 vertical walls are not intuitive and I've failed to jump so many times while being sticked to a wall. I intuitively hold the "up" arrow while hitting the left or right key to make a jump. (Maybe you can take example on Assassin's creed climbing controls)

1 year ago

Oh, ok, I never paused a game before !

Fair enough - the cyclic behavior is ok, but I loose the exact bounds of these boxes when they are invisible. It's still ok with the current mechanics - just a bit harder ;)

1 year ago
Mechanics UI Graphics

Promising game !! Good proof of concept, and well done with the IA.
Maybe you can start make other levels, or add a menu at least.
It could be interesting that the IA will search in a zone instead of a point.

1 year ago

Thanks! At least the game works.

1 year ago

Pretty fun game ! It enjoyed it.

I had the same bug about falling forever (you should use a "continuous" collision detection, so when the velocity has high value, it'll keep working)

Also, maybe you can add a feature to spped-up the time when the player has nothing to do left and the launch is during a lot of time. I don't know if this can break the feeling of the game thought.

However, the progression is good ; except the rockets are a bit unbalanced compared to the rest of the tools. With few launches with the first rocket, I had enough money and achievements so I unlocked almost all.

Keep working !!

1 year ago

Wobbly Dot