CLICK v1.1


CLICK is a platformer where you create platforms in order to beat the level. Try using the lowest amount of blocks or beating the levels the fastest to end up on the leaderboard.

I post updates on Twitter frequently @UnknownGamesRAD

100 Levels!

Possibly gravity switching.

Maybe other ideas I come up with eventually


DEVerdier 3 years ago

Mechanics Controls
The core mechanic is fun and intuitive, anyone should be able to pick this up and start playing even without a tutorial, the control scheme also helps with this. What I think the game would benefit most from is a more versatile movement system where you can choose how high you jump by holding the jump button longer or shorter. I also dont like how slippery the platforms are but that's my personal preference.

When it comes to the core platform creating mechanic I think there should be some drawback to creating larger platforms. One way to do this would be to restrict the area of the platforms instead of the maximum length of each side. That way the player could choose to create long platforms or tall ones or a mix of the two. Same thing could be done with the blocks counter, instead of counting the number, you could count the area that they take up.

I could also see wall-jumping and things like that work well in this type of game to create more options for the player to solve problems.

One final note: When first encountering the button mechanic I attempted to pin the button down with a block, I understand why this should not be possible however a change of the visual style of the button could make this clear to the player from the start.

Overall nice idea and good execution as well as great expand-ability, keep it ut.

UnknownEvil 1 year ago

Hey, it's been a while, you should check it out again. Please tell me if you think the controls are any better!

snok_k 1 year ago

Physics Game Graphics
It's looks very simple and fun! :)

UnknownEvil 1 year ago

Thank you! I agree, personally :)

future-games 10 months ago

Level Design Mechanics
Hey, UnknownEvil! I really like CLICK. It was easy to get started but hard to master. My game, Spike Run, is right behind CLICK in the mist roasted games, and if Spike Run passes CLICK, consider it my luck. I know very well that CLICK is a better, older, fancier game. :)
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