City Clicker


City Clicker is an idle game that's a cross between Cookie Clicker and Sim City. The game started out as a 3D lemonade stand clicker where users would need to produce ice, sugar, and lemons to create lemonade. It then changed into a more broad city simulator game where users can build lemonade stands, restaurants, banks, power plants, and more.

Users can now create many different types of buildings:

  • Lemonade Stands
  • Fast Food Restaurants
  • Fancy Restaurants
  • Mini Marts
  • Power Plants
  • Hospitals
Each of these generate an increasing amount of cash.

Users can either tap on the building itself or hire employees to generate money for them. Once the building has maxed out the amount of money it can hold, the user must tap to take the money out of the building and add it to their personal bank.

Users can create more banks if their personal account runs out of space.

Users can also hire managers per building that will automatically deposit the money from the building to the users bank.

This is the last change as development stopped after this version.


Coateshays 1 year ago

Mechanics UI Graphics Reply

CoreGG 1 year ago

UI Graphics
Looks like a game from facebook. In a good way!

MelvIsntNormal 1 year ago

Having got into Idle Games recently, I really like the concept. Having played tycoon games, this reminded me of that lemonade stand tycoon game that I really liked. I'm just hoping that it's not loaded full of wait timers and IAPs. Ads I can deal with, but I don;t particularly want to play another Zynga game. Really like the concept, hope this goes well.
Roast Em

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