Penguin Pat Hologram


Penguin Pat Hologram is an augmented reality game for iOS most similar to whack-a-mole. It's most unique and compelling feature is that the game is rendered as a hologram.

In the future, we would like to make the points earned in Penguin Pat valuable in some way. The points should be spent on something of value to the player.


Penguin Pat Hologram 8 years ago

I forgot to add promo codes for testing, so I will include those now in this comment as I could not edit the original post. To use, open the App Store, scroll all the way down, click redeem, and enter the code for a free download of the game.


Thank you.

error2taco 8 years ago

Level Design
Just a disclaimer, I haven't played your game as I don't have an iOS device. Everything here is from what I saw from the screenshots and videos.

First of all, super cool idea. I've never worked with VR but I image it's pretty difficult.

Now, down to the roast.. The game doesn't seem to compel me to play. For example, when the Penguin is hit, there is no reaction besides the penguin going back down into it's hole. How about an animation of the penguin going dizzy-eyed (maybe sometimes the penguin gets little yellow birds flying around it's head when it's hit).

There's lots of addition features you can add. Take a look at similar types of repetition games such as Tetris or Cookie Clicker. They take a repetitive action and make it more compelling by adding a timing or accuracy component. Features you can add are a combo meter (correctly hitting multiple penguins in a row increases a points multiplier) or a bomb penguin that would explode and end the game if it was hit.

Also, from the screenshots on your iOS page, it's difficult to tell what the game is and what you will be doing.

When it comes down to it, what your game doesn't have is "game feel". It's a game, you can play it, but there's no emotion to it.

Penguin Pat Hologram 8 years ago

Thanks for your review!

I understand what you are saying. You can rack up points, but there is really no reason you would want to. I need to add something to spend your points on like currency. This will give players a reason why they should collect points in the first place. If players want to earn points, then they will be more emotionally involved. As of now, my game is like World of Warcraft if you only ran around killing monsters, and never levelled up or gained additional powers. Cool I guess, but does not compel us to play further.

I get what you're saying! The hard part is to think up what the heck the points could be spent on.

Thanks again for your review!

mariospants 8 years ago

UI Graphics Mechanics
Totally agreed with error2taco, there, he hit the nails right on the head. From the whimsical score to the "been-there-done-that" cutesy penguins, your augmented reality aspect is what separates it from the rest... how can you leverage that technology? First of all, note that playing the game in such a way that you can see what penguin is sticking up - and having enough screen real estate to "tap" the correct one (wait, is there negative feedback if you miss or get the wrong penguin?) means that you have to hold the phone in a specific way, making it tough on the wrist holding the phone after a while. Again, there must be a cool way to leverage moving the phone around to help make the game more interesting. Wack-a-mole games themselves are hardly going to set the market on fire, right?
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