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On One Midnight

A Horror Visual Novel with 5 endings where you play as a routine night officer patrolling a town populated by billionaires.  All goes well when your patrolling until one night you get a call to a distress signal. The distress signal that you answer to reveal the dark secrets of not just the people that did this but also the town.


Notice - This game contains Religious Symbolism to enhance the story. In no way this is used to offend anyone. This game is just a Prototype that was made in 9 days and will receive its next update on the 1st of July that will conclude its story. You are a young girl trying to escape an abusive home. Dodge obstacles, traps and enemies to find your freedom. However the battle you are fighting is more in your mind than anywhere else.

UI Graphics Game Graphics

Pretty decent UI. However, needs more work

1 year ago
Game Graphics Story/Writing/Dialogue

Should have a story. But a decent game nonetheless. The physics is okay and animation is fine.

1 year ago

Played the demo but Its has been some time since I have been back on this website lol

1 year ago