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Having got into Idle Games recently, I really like the concept. Having played tycoon games, this reminded me of that lemonade stand tycoon game that I really liked. I'm just hoping that it's not loaded full of wait timers and IAPs. Ads I can deal with, but I don;t particularly want to play another Zynga game. Really like the concept, hope this goes well.

5 years ago
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Really liking the clean aesthetic of the game, plus the music fits too. The controls are slightly wonky though. I didn't understand the raise/lower cue part, and I didn't realise you had to drag back THEN forward to shoot. I thought you just held it down and something indicating power would appear. I really like the way it's done here, but I just think you need to tighten up the controls a bit and make that mechanic a little more obvious. Nice game, good work! :)

5 years ago


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