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Development Hell

A short meta game about the creative process and when it fails. Free to play in browser on Itch.

Move the Stone

A short game about mindfulness and control.

Move the Stone

A short game about mindfulness and control. Can be played in browser on Itch.


Are you taking the piss? This is the MicroFPS learning package from Unity. It's not a bad foundation to build off of, but you haven't built anything.

1 month ago
Game Graphics Tutorial/Learning Curve

It looks like a decent game for puzzle solvers, but a lot of the core game play looks like the kind of Skyrim dungeon puzzle that I usually just brute force my way past with button mashing. Although it seems like that might be a bit of the point.

1 month ago
Game Graphics Level Design

It's MicroFPS. You need to do more.

1 month ago
Game Graphics UI Graphics

I'm a sucker for management games, even clicker ones. The simplified graphics also go well with the simplified game play when compared to something like Sim City. UI needs a whole overhaul though.

1 month ago

I'm glad you like my graphics. I was worried that going for "White-boxing Stage Art" would just come off to players as lazy art.

3 weeks ago

Which audio bits? Any info on what area, etc?

2 weeks ago


Just Hands (DEMO)

City Clicker