Car Stunt Racing


Car stunt racing - game for Android. The game is a racing simulator with stunts on a car . The game has real car physics that requires the acquisition of certain driving skills.    Implemented car upgrade, day and night race mode.  Be prepared to overcome sharp turns, springboads and dead loops, go around swaying hammers and other equally difficult obstacles, be prepared for car drifts on sharp turns of the track.


BleepBloop 11 months ago

Physics Game Graphics
game is a solid 10/10 but the graphic could be a bit more creative

Chagenesis 11 months ago

Physics Controls
The game has nice automobile dynamics, including acceleration, but I don't think it's easy to turn the car from left to right or you just go straight off the circuit.
The graphics in this game should be improved; they remind me of games from the 2000s.

onway 5 months ago

UI Graphics Physics
bad physic system improve thats
Roast Em

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