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Car Stunt Racing

Car stunt racing - game for Android. The game is a racing simulator with stunts on a car . The game has real car physics that requires the acquisition of certain driving skills.    Implemented car upgrade, day and night race mode.  Be prepared to overcome sharp turns, springboads and dead loops, go around swaying hammers and other equally difficult obstacles, be prepared for car drifts on sharp turns of the track.

Pistol Shooting

The game is a simulator of shooting a pistols Beretta M9, Luger P08, Colt 1911, Makarov . The main feature of the «Pistol shooting» game that distinguish it from other similar games is a choice of aiming mode with «alignment of a front sight». What is «alignment of a front sight»? In most simulations of shooting, when aiming, you just have to combine the sight of the weapon with the target and shoot. This pistol sight consists of two parts, front sight and rear sight with a cut. To shoot accurately it is necessary to put the front sight on the center of the cut and its top end is aligned to the top plane of rear sight. This is called alignment of the front sight. Keeping this mutual location of sighting devices it is necessary to combine the guns sight with the target and shoot.

Crossbow Shooting gallery

In the dash, you can practice shooting in of crossbow using three main types of sights.   Mechanical sight: Collimator sight: Optical sight:   There are four different types of targets in the game. The classic crossbow targe. A silhouette target. The target is a running boar. Target pendulum.   When aiming, one must take into account the fact that the crossbow was adjustment shoot at a distance of 20 meters. At other distances, the arrow will fly below the aiming point. In addition, the boom is subject to drift by wind. Therefore, the direction and speed of the wind should also be taken into account when aiming.  

Game Graphics

I think it's a good game.
The game has good graphics, I really like it!
The game is quite dynamic and has great gameplay.
Great job.

8 months ago

It would be very interesting to try this game. I think the idea is very interesting.

8 months ago
Mechanics Game Graphics

I saw something similar a long time ago. There was a spaceship and asteroids. With lemon, this is unexpected. I would like to try to play.

8 months ago

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