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Monstruo(Monster Match)

Monstruo is a new type of matching game. While most matching games are match 3 of the exact same thing Monstruo is match 3 things that have only 1 difference between them.- 5 Game Modes that range in difficulty and differentiate game play(Classic,Endless,Elimination,Timed,Catstruo)-4 Leaderboards(Endless,Elimination,Timed,Catstruo) Try to get at the top of all the leaderboards and prove that you're a true Monstruo Master.Do you have what it takes to Master Monstruo?

Spell Me - Ultimate Word Game

Spell me is a fantastic new word game!   You are given a word with 2-3 letters missing and it's your job to fill them back in.    Are you ready to become a Spelling Master?   FEATURES •3 Starter Game modes! •6 Challenge modes! •Daily Goals! •Stats tracking! •Play offline! No wifi required •Custom Themes & Avatars! •Play against your friends on leaderboards!

Mechanics Tutorial/Learning Curve

Loved the game mechanics and the increasing of difficulty as the game goes on, It would be nice to learn what qualifies you to get 3 stars or not also you should make more emphasis on what coins are supposed to do because I had to search to find out what their purpose was. Overall great game however! I had a good time playing it.

4 years ago
Level Design Physics

I really enjoyed the level design of the latter levels. The game goes from very linear to much more complex which is very enjoyable for a level based game. What needs work is the physics, everything feels a little too exaggerated and not natural, some levels feel almost impossible and somewhat luck based rather than skill or timing, if there was someway to give a little extra chance on some of the jumps I think it would make the game feel more fluid. Overall great attempt at a first game!

1 year ago

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