AnExcuseOfGame v0.41f


An excuse of game is a in development game with combat inspired by games like Grandia and Child of Light where the turn order is controlled by a bar that fills based in characters stats and actions, with each specific action speeding or slowing things down.
The game also features a party-management side where you recruit randomly generated characters, train them and send them into missions against powerful foes, while trying to go bankrupt.(what would mean game over.)
Character don't have level, their strength is based on their stats, that can be trained while they are in the town, and their skills, that can be developed or discovered. On top of that characters can die, so always keep training recruits, so you still have a strong host to keep you afloat in case of disaster.
In the future there will be a town-management part where you will put be able to research improvements and create resources passively, you will also be able to set characters to work in building to boost it's productions or/and usage.(Not implemented yet)
At the moment the game use Free resources, in the future when the game gets more momentum i plan to hire artists to make proper assets to it.
As i said in one of my posts this will likely be the last big updated in a considerable time due to some unfortunate events.


V0.34 - Fullscreen implementation part 1
V0.35 - Academy working and rework in how the GUI is.
v0.36 - Auto-resolve not balanced at all but a start

In the future there will be researches that add faction wide bonuses, tiers of weapons, special weapons, different kind of missions that rely in some specific stats.

In the character side there will be Mastery with weapons, how well the character can use a type of weapon that increase as the hero use it.

Talent with weapon: How fast he learn.

And skills characters will earn skills and perks in a semi random way. Based in the character's talent, mastery, stats and player's luck.


DyingSilence 1 year ago

The concept is interesting, but I don't know if it will conquer the tedium of turn based combat, even more, I feel i doubt it.
You may still find very niche following of course :)

Also I still haven't seen the base management, maybe then the game will make more sense.

Henrik_Pontoppidan 11 months ago

Mechanics Game Graphics
Its a fun concept I think with the turn-based combat, however i think the game would be alot better if you added som backgrounds and character animations to make the game feel more alive. Otherwise it was a fun game, maybe change the tutorial to seem more integrated into the game and not so much you just telling me what stuff does
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