[Android] Brick Mosaic


Brick Mosaic is funny puzzle game with easy rules, where you need to place all blocks in specified forms. Forms get bigger and harder.
Right now game contains 60 levels and Challenge mode.

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- Added new 10 levels - Fixed bugs - New icons - Some animations - New tutorial - Support 18:9 screens

- More levels


Inmatrix 5 years ago

Tutorial/Learning Curve UI Graphics
The concept is basic and easy to learn, but if you want your game to be more appealing, you may have to spruce up the graphics a bit, since you're using blocks, it should be very easy for you to find more visually appealing block graphics.

I would also recommend a big audio/visual cue once a level is complete (e.g. stars, bursts, color fades, etc).

dancebattle 5 years ago

Tutorial/Learning Curve UI Graphics
good job!!! love it !!! I like this simple easy puzzle game. it is very addictive. I would recommend it.

FourSevenSeven 5 years ago

Thank you!

dancebattle 5 years ago

We also built a gesture-controlled game that is in the browser.
Try it out @ https://bit.ly/2BBzFSD
Roast Em

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