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A visual perception puzzleRGBquick is a fast paced challenge against the clock to match a target color by modifying a randomly generated color's Red, Green & Blue components.GameplayYou have under one minute to solve the RGBquick puzzle with the puzzle's score being based on speed, accuracy of color and gameplay difficulty level. The fastest you tap the 'complete' button with the most accurate color match and the highest gameplay difficulty level, the higher you score.LeaderboardsChallenge family & friends to beat your High Score or compete against the very best by scoring high and leaving your name for posterity on one of the three (easy/medium/hard) world TOP-10000 leaderboards!Difficulty levelsThere are three challenging difficulty levels to RGBquick.⭐ EASY⭐In easy, the target color, current RGB value, actual color these RGB values represent and a color match percentage to the target color are displayed. With all this information, making a match should be easy, right? (the answer is no, color theory is not straight forward to a lot of people).⭐ MEDIUM ⭐In medium, only the target color, current RGB value and the actual color these RGB values represent are displayed.  Without seeing the match percentage, making a color match is a lot difficult, you must truly have a skill for color theory.⭐ HARD ⭐In hard, only the target color and current RGB value are displayed, requiring you to mentally envision what RGB color values represent. To make a match at this difficulty level, you must have a masterful control over color theory, the ability to mentally imagine how a series of numbers representing millions of color combinations can translate into a single specific color.An educational gameWhile RGBquick is a fun game to play, it is also a brain teaser and the perfect educational game to teach you about color theory, an important skill for anyone aspiring to work in graphic design.  Having mastered the game, you will easily be able to discern the true structure of color and extend this knowledge to real life scenarios.


A secretive group running a mind control campaign to manipulate the world's unsuspecting populace.Whomever is operating this group is careful, very careful. They are limiting accidental exposure by encoding vital information behind a series of ciphers, codes and logic locks.We are recruiting tech savvy agents to expose their actions before it's too late! Are you up to the task?* Analyse historical documents for clues, decipher codes, break encryption schemes and use your wit and logic to uncover the truth!* Some documents may contain multiple layers, make sure you extract every piece of information.* You will be provided with the right tools for the task. From ancient Roman devices to cutting edge MCBE protocols.* Multiple leads to follow, select the best path forward.* You are not alone, other agents are ready to lend assistance.

Tutorial/Learning Curve UI Graphics

The concept is basic and easy to learn, but if you want your game to be more appealing, you may have to spruce up the graphics a bit, since you're using blocks, it should be very easy for you to find more visually appealing block graphics.

I would also recommend a big audio/visual cue once a level is complete (e.g. stars, bursts, color fades, etc).

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