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Light is composed of Red, Blue & Green base colors, together forming "RGB".RGBquick is a challenging hyper casual game that asks "Can you combine over 16 million combinations of red, green & blue to match a random color in under 60 seconds?".Be quick, score high! slow? get an O.This is just easy mode!In medium mode, you no longer shown how close you are to the answer and in Hard mode, the color you are working on is never displayed, forcing you to use your mind's eye to see the color based on numerical values alone.Download:

Tutorial/Learning Curve UI Graphics

The concept is basic and easy to learn, but if you want your game to be more appealing, you may have to spruce up the graphics a bit, since you're using blocks, it should be very easy for you to find more visually appealing block graphics.

I would also recommend a big audio/visual cue once a level is complete (e.g. stars, bursts, color fades, etc).

2 months ago

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