Poro Jump


Hey there Summoner,

The goal in Poro Jump is to jump as high as possible and avoid the walls.

Earn different kind of medals like Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master,Challenger and Legendary!
Compare highscores on the leaderboard.
Share your points with your friends and look who can jump the highest.

Medal Awards:

Bronze: 5
Silver: 12
Gold: 21
Platinum: 34
Diamond: 55
Master: 75
Challenger: ??
Legendary: ??

Are you Legendary? Download Poro Jump and Play Now!

Tip for you summoner: Avoid the walls above you by letting your poro fall down a bit.

Poros live in the Abyss in League of Legends where it always snows.

Multiplayer (maybe)

Multiple poros


mrdanno 8 years ago

Physics Game Graphics
Very good game, I am definitely going to be keeping this on my phone. If I had to pick one bad thing about it though, it would be that the walls look very plain. Maybe change the way they look. The physics are great, the controls are good, and it is very addictive!

CoreGG 8 years ago

Mechanics Game Graphics
Nice idea. And I love poros and LOL :)
Well, if you want it to be more unique - rework art and..things xD

josiki 8 years ago

Controls Physics
Yeah, not a bad idea. The physics feels a little floaty though, and perhaps it is a bit hard at the start. It should start with larger holes/less obstacles. I could only get past the first few. I thought the graphics were ok, but you could add some "juice" to them (or to the animations).

sourabhkatkar3733 7 years ago

Nice Game!!!

Liked to Play!!!

Need to work on Animation

ProxyFirewall 3 weeks ago

Level Design Animation
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Roast Em


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