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"Is it really true?", you ask yourself, pinching yourself on the hand to make sure you aren't dreaming. You're up in the cold, dark attic, a golden glint that caught the corner of your eye has lead you here. Buried under a pile of dust is a chess board, but there's something strange about it, something that attracts you to it, so you light the candle blow off the dust and tap one of the chequered tiles... Xcavate is an exciting new board strategy game where you pit your wits against a naughty little chess board, that reveals chess pieces in each tile which lead you to the treasure. Find the tiles with as few moves as possible, collect coins, battle evil pieces that prevent you from finding your treasure, and heave a sigh of relief when a good one aids your quest. Packed with tons of levels and endless gameplay fun, this game is guaranteed to keep you addicted for hours and give you oodles of joy, while keeping your brain and instincts, razor sharp as you play. Install, and be enthralled.


Get ready to get your grey cells cracking with this tough but fun chess treasure hunt game which will improve your logical ability and teach you a thing or two about chess.  Xcavate is a treasure hunt game where you find treasures with clues from chess pieces on the chess board. Each chess piece can reach the treasure in one move, but can you figure out which one it is? Be smart, open as few tiles as possible and get to the treasure quick, before someone else snatches it! Features of the game include:1. ZERO ads2. Campaign mode with 27 levels3. Puzzle mode for endless fun, just setup the board as you want, and keep solving Xcavate boards. Minesweeper and chess lovers, you are in for a treat, download right away! A big thanks to friends and family for testing this game and throwing bricks at us until we got it right! We love you all! Many more updates to come! :)

Mechanics Mechanics

Fun game to play...I couldn't figure out how to get the barricades part going but the rest of it was crazy.

I think its a nice core mechanic, I love the way the water cannon shoots, and those spiders make me want to keep away from them.

I think you'll need to build a lot on the mechanics of the game for a full blown version requires more complications, more elements to make it fun over a long period of play time

8 years ago
UI Graphics UI Graphics

Love the minimal UI
Gameplay is great, but its a bit hard for me
Is this an endless runner style game? i.e. you just keep flicking? or is there more to it as you keep playing?
Looks like a great core mechanic to me, would love to have more variety
What kind of push notifications do you send?

8 years ago

Thanks a lot for the feedback, and thanks for that video! Gives us a lot to learn and implement.

Can you explain a bit more about why the controls suck? Is the tile opening part complex? or are other controls in the game difficult? Please let me know, and we'll work on that too.

8 years ago
Game Graphics Controls

Nice game!

I love the graphics, minimal yet effective. Love the physics too, seems pretty accurate. The AI guy is really hard to play with, thats another fun part.

The controls part was hard, but you already know this by now :)

I would have liked more options in the game, like:

- Different difficulty levels where the AI gets progessively harder, and an ace levels where the ball direction hints are not shown
- Different types of pool games

PS: I think the fact that balls can fly out of the table is really cool, would make for some good laughter and conversation while playing the game :)

8 years ago
Mechanics UI Graphics

Played your game for around half an hour.

I love the way the gamification is done, the scoring, unlocking hints, achievements and tasks.

Here are some points I feel could be better:

1. The Colours, especially the pink was very loud, maybe softer colours could help?
2. Would be better if the power was displayed as I was playing. Its my basic score, its not nice to have to search for it while playing.
3. Some levels are really hard right in the beginning…a gradual progression from easier word jumbles to tougher ones would really help ease the pressure on the gamer.
4. An option to bring all letters on to the rack, along with the button to put back the word would be nice.

8 years ago

Great service. We got feedback which was super valuable. I'm going to try and roast atleast one game everyday.

Quick question: Is there a way to filter games by platform? I end up having to go through many games before I find one that I can test. Filtering by platform would be a great help.

8 years ago
Mechanics Tutorial/Learning Curve

Loved the concept of the game. I think the graphics were pleasant, UI was very clear and easy to understand and i like the curved line effects.

Some aspects which I think need addressing are:

1. The tutorial is too detailed...I think you should stick to explaining only the important parts, and let the player figure out the rest. Also a tutorial in every move for the first 5 levels is too much for a user to digest.
2. I think you need many more matter elements and combinations(or have I missed them somewhere)...more than eliminating the blocks, i loved the concept of mixing elements to get what you need...maybe this part of the game should more focus, and more elements to play with? Maybe more than 2 elements can be combined to create a myriad elements which I can play with forever?
3. Though the UI looks nice. I feel it needs some consistency, for e.g. I feel all buttons should have the same color, so that I can recognize them as buttons etc. there could be a theme to the UI overall,

Looking forward to updates, I really like this game and will install it if I get many more levels to play with :)

All the best!

7 years ago
Game Graphics Mechanics

I love how the game ties to the trend, trump is a pretty controversial guy so the game really connects. I downloaded it right away, and was excited to see how it works.

Found the gameplay pretty good, but then, I always have this problem with endless runner style games in that you don't really feel any sense of progress as you play and so the interest wanes after a while. But I guess thats my personal peeve with endless runner style gameplay.

I didn't find the game lacking in any sense, honestly. Great job, gonna leave a review for you!

7 years ago

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