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Shabda is an early prototype of a upcoming game that relies completely on spatial 3d(binaural) sound for navigation. There is a difference between 3d audio and spatial(binaural audio). Binaural audio uses special sounds to trick your brain to position sounds in 3d space as if they were real. With that, you can actually understand how close, far, up or down something is in relation to your head. A first prototype demo is also available with a simple demonstration of game mechanics. In order to run and play it with spatial sound, you need to enable HRTF in your sound system. Please note that without HRTF enabled, it will be close to impossible to play Shabda, as the sounds will just be regular stereo.

A Game of Changes

Currently on Greenlight!!Chance and destiny find themselves intermeshed in A Game of Changes.Unravel and decipher the elements and the symbols, and journey through the 64 unique puzzle worlds that draw inspiration and teachings from the I Ching [Book of Changes], one of the oldest classic books in human history. It’s wisdom originates from philosophical and scientific observations of the laws which rule existence. It invites us to conscientiously look within, at one’s own personality, character, perspective and purpose while inspiring us to discover the one unspoken, unmanifest, unchanging truth. There is no predefined way, no set progression, no rights or wrongs, only the choices you make. About the Gameplay Using the keyboard or a gamepad, you control the wise sage Confucius. In each level, your purpose is to open and reach the door, which will lead you to a different level. As you discover the mechanics behind each element and symbol in the tiles, you are able to manipulate their position, in order to reach the door. In each level, you’ll be able to select the next-level’s hexagram, so when you cross the door, that’s the level you’ll be playing next. The final purpose is to visit and complete all 64 levels. More than just 64 puzzles, the entire game is one big puzzle. Release Date: June 9, 2016Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux (possibility of an Android release at a later stage) Fully available in: English, German, Chinese, Portuguese Don’t miss important news. Subscribe the launch notification list

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Great feeling to it. I missed a nice relaxing pool game, you sent me back some years into my childhood :)

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