Jumble-tron 2 - Electric Boogaloo


Jumble-tron 2 - Electric Boogaloo takes the classic word jumble game to new heights.  With goals, levels, power ups, a killer soundtrack and dancing robots, this is the most fun you will ever have playing a word game.


maha 5 years ago

Mechanics UI Graphics
Played your game for around half an hour.

I love the way the gamification is done, the scoring, unlocking hints, achievements and tasks.

Here are some points I feel could be better:

1. The Colours, especially the pink was very loud, maybe softer colours could help?
2. Would be better if the power was displayed as I was playing. Its my basic score, its not nice to have to search for it while playing.
3. Some levels are really hard right in the beginning…a gradual progression from easier word jumbles to tougher ones would really help ease the pressure on the gamer.
4. An option to bring all letters on to the rack, along with the button to put back the word would be nice.


drewdhutchins 5 years ago

Thank you so much for the tips. Really good stuff, and some of it right in line with some feedback I have gotten from other users, especially #3 with the game being too hard early on. I do have two questions on #4 though. When you say "bring all letters on to the rack" are you referring to a way to clear all the letters that you that you have tapped to try and spell a word. If so, the bottom left 'Clear' button does just this. Also, for your suggestion of having a "button to put back the word", there is a button that appears after you have guessed a word. It is pink with a rounded left facing arrow. This button reloads your last guessed word. If these buttons are not what you are referring to, please let me know. Thank again for the feedback.
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