"Is it really true?", you ask yourself, pinching yourself on the hand to make sure you aren't dreaming. You're up in the cold, dark attic, a golden glint that caught the corner of your eye has lead you here. Buried under a pile of dust is a chess board, but there's something strange about it, something that attracts you to it, so you light the candle blow off the dust and tap one of the chequered tiles...

Xcavate is an exciting new board strategy game where you pit your wits against a naughty little chess board, that reveals chess pieces in each tile which lead you to the treasure. Find the tiles with as few moves as possible, collect coins, battle evil pieces that prevent you from finding your treasure, and heave a sigh of relief when a good one aids your quest.

Packed with tons of levels and endless gameplay fun, this game is guaranteed to keep you addicted for hours and give you oodles of joy, while keeping your brain and instincts, razor sharp as you play.

Install, and be enthralled.

- lots of more gameplay elements, like locked tiles, timers etc. Care to suggest one? Go ahead! :)
- SFX and GFX upgrades 
- Lots of tiny little details worth talking about


babon 5 years ago

Story/Writing/Dialogue Controls
Needs more player<->game feedback.
- Needs particles
- Add delay between completing the level and showing the "you win" panel with stars
- The board is not centered, this is triggering my ocd (it was probably done intentionally but it's a poor decision)
- Try to make as many things as possible not instantaneous, add animations and stuff
Its nice that you centered around one mechanic, you need to focus not on adding more content but on polishing everything,
I recommend you watch this - http://youtu.be/_XxL1noAbbU

maha 5 years ago

Thanks a lot for the feedback, and thanks for that video! Gives us a lot to learn and implement.

Can you explain a bit more about why the controls suck? Is the tile opening part complex? or are other controls in the game difficult? Please let me know, and we'll work on that too.

Roast Em


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