Super Trump


Super Trump is an exciting single tap game that requires quick reflexes and faster decisions. Race across the wonderful landscape, collect stars and avoid those tricky bombs! Easy to learn, hard to master, impossible to put down!

* wonderful physics based gameplay
* collect stars to help you on the journey
* avoid the tricky obstacles
* over 70 challenges to beat
* compete with your friends 
* challenge their achievements
* captivating and dynamic scenery
* experience zen of increasing tempo
* hear Super Trump speak!

Roast My Game note:
When reviewing, please don't mind the political aspect of the game. We're getting negative reviews simply for being a Trump game. It is only meant to be a positive game for a group of people which make a relatively hot trend on the AppStore.  

Greater variety of obstacles.


pxfluke 4 years ago

Animation Controls
I love how the cities fly by on the bottom, and it feels like a self promotional tool trump would put out himself. A+ for that haha. I'm not a huge fan of the controls, they feel non-responsive, maybe you tried to differentiate from flappy bird or something by having the upwards acceleration slower, or perhaps I didn't play long enough to get used to it. I like it though, gonna rate on the store for ya too!

maha 4 years ago

Game Graphics Mechanics
I love how the game ties to the trend, trump is a pretty controversial guy so the game really connects. I downloaded it right away, and was excited to see how it works.

Found the gameplay pretty good, but then, I always have this problem with endless runner style games in that you don't really feel any sense of progress as you play and so the interest wanes after a while. But I guess thats my personal peeve with endless runner style gameplay.

I didn't find the game lacking in any sense, honestly. Great job, gonna leave a review for you!

badazdz 11 months ago

Game Graphics Story/Writing/Dialogue
Wow, really stunning graphics and animations. I like this kind of style. Not minding the political aspect, it is a good and funny game.
Great game for your short moments on toilet.
Hope you get more download ;-)
Roast Em