Matter Meltdown: Can you mix the correct elements to break all of the tiles?


  Carlos the alien just crash landed into an unknown galaxy and he needs YOUR help exploring and collecting enough Matter to power his ship home. Mix elements and break tiles to collect all of the Matter on Earth!  

More levels, skins, and ships upon interest of game!


maha 4 years ago

Mechanics Tutorial/Learning Curve
Loved the concept of the game. I think the graphics were pleasant, UI was very clear and easy to understand and i like the curved line effects.

Some aspects which I think need addressing are:

1. The tutorial is too detailed...I think you should stick to explaining only the important parts, and let the player figure out the rest. Also a tutorial in every move for the first 5 levels is too much for a user to digest.
2. I think you need many more matter elements and combinations(or have I missed them somewhere)...more than eliminating the blocks, i loved the concept of mixing elements to get what you need...maybe this part of the game should more focus, and more elements to play with? Maybe more than 2 elements can be combined to create a myriad elements which I can play with forever?
3. Though the UI looks nice. I feel it needs some consistency, for e.g. I feel all buttons should have the same color, so that I can recognize them as buttons etc. there could be a theme to the UI overall,

Looking forward to updates, I really like this game and will install it if I get many more levels to play with :)

All the best!
Roast Em


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