Chicken Coup


Chicken Coup is a run and gun platformer about a chicken trying to overthrow the government after seeing a chicken slaughterhouse.  Early in development, I haven't gotten to making a full level, so there is one very short one.


Arrow keys to move and space to shoot. Press R to restart!


RookTKO 9 months ago

Game Graphics Level Design
I like the chicken and the chicken corpses in the background but it need work on level design. I don't know if there are more then one level(s) to this game but once I killed those enemies in the first one and walked past the exit nothing happened. Game didn't end neither did it tell mission is complete or send me to the next room.

Mithreindeir 9 months ago

Oops I forgot to put it in the description. Week two of development, I haven't gotten to creating a full level yet :C. Was it fun, or did it bore you? Too easy? To hard? Thank you for your feedback!

RookTKO 9 months ago

It was mediocre. Not the biggest fan of the enemies. Felt like they should have been more themed around the chicken. I liked the blood sprites. Shooting controls weren't the best could be a bit more fluid. Instead of me pressing space bar I could have held it? More weapons and variety would be nice. It was pretty easy to tell you the truth. But I liked it so far.

rjdunlap 8 months ago

Animation Tutorial/Learning Curve
Doing a fast in game listing of the controls before getting into combat would be beneficial. Right now when you start the game you'll be shot by an enemy.

The cow death SFX is too loud / staticy.

jlvc 2 months ago

Mechanics Level Design
Hi!! Hey, I've been having fun playing your game. I like the control, I like the concept and I overall would like to encourage you to keep working on it. Now, given the nature of this site, let me mention some things I didn't quite like, but that I think are minor details you can easily solve.

Why make the jumps so tight? There's no need to do this, specially early in the first level. This could be frustrating and might drive some people to stop playing overall.

I think you need to work on your level design a lot. Just really think about the experience you want the player to have, and experiment with different layouts. I think we needed a stage with more enemies and fewer jumps and one with fewer enemies and more jumps. Anyway, in the end I'll play whatever you release.

I would have appreciated gamepad support.

I really liked the cartoon gore. The cows exploding and the chicken running headless (just like real chickens!). You need to add more stuff like this.

All right! I have enjoyed playing your game!
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