Nifty Fifty


Easy game to play. Simply make 50 using basic arithmetic and 5 numbers between 1 and 13. There are 4 levels. Think your math is up to it?

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Mike 1 year ago

Story/Writing/Dialogue Controls
It took me a long time to figure out how to use the UI. I needed to click the field where I wanted to add a number, and after that, I needed to click the number. Before I figured that out, I was trying to use my keyboard, the virtual numeric keypad, and drag and drop. I think drag and drop would be a nice feature for this UI.
I don't understand what to do in this game. Why are there 5 starting numbers but 8 fields to fill? Do I need to get 50 in every row or only in the last row?
"See Demo" is not working.

hamlyns 1 year ago

Thanks, Mike, for the feedback. I really appreciate it.
Yeah, I see now why the objective might be unclear and I think all of your points are valid. I'm going to give more explanatory messages in the game so that it's clearer what the player needs to do. I definitely will make it drag and drop. The demo should work as I've tested it in Chrome. At the moment, You have to click another 'See Demo' button on the video screen. I'll do away with that now so the demo will run straight away. Thanks again.
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