1. Shootchat is fonrtinte 2d

not much just 7 new skins and MAX players playing at the same time is 48 (max)



Chadi5859 1 year ago

Animation UI Graphics
No ui grafics which idk how to do lol

Sassy_Fox 1 year ago

Animation Controls
how do i do it? i am so counfused

Chadi5859 1 year ago

How To Walk?
On Mobile - You Need To Use The Joystick In The Bottom Left.
On PC - You Need To Use The Arrow Keys
How To Chat?
On Mobile - Press The Chat Button
On Pc - Press Any Keys
How To Shoot?
First You Need To Collect Coins To Buy The Avatars That Can Shoot ( You cannot save the coins you gained, you need to buy it by clicking The shop button on the top of the Screen and buy it when you are playing)
On Mobile - Press The Red Button
On Pc - Press The X Key
How To Exit The Game?
On Mobile : Press Return
On PC : Press Refresh

dhruv 1 year ago

Game Graphics UI Graphics
its averagely good it have good concept buut graphic needs to be improved

Chadi5859 1 year ago

I'm Using Pixworld.io So I Can't Go More Than 48×48 I can't bro

Trojanato37 1 year ago

Level Design Level Design
I don't know what is happening here. Maybe level design is too chaotic.

Chadi5859 1 year ago

Feedback = E-mail me:

Mike 1 year ago

Animation Tutorial/Learning Curve
Tested on PC Web.
Good: Animations and smooth player movement.
Needs improvement: It's not clear what to do in this game. I just wandered around aimlessly and then get teleported for an unclear reason. It would be good to explain the goal to the player or do a tutorial.
Level-design is not bad but textures could be more fitting for levels. For example, the red tiles in the first level seem out of place and rock tiles are too dark.
Sound is missing entirely.

Chadi5859 1 year ago

you can do whatever u want, u got teleported to an another dimension so yeah, the textures are not mine, it's so confusing to put a sound in the game i put a link to a video and it didn't work, the rock tiles are not rock tiles, they are called The Random Black Tiles, Please E-mail Me For More Features : jarstudio69@gmail.com

Chadi5859 1 year ago

you can be a shootchat developer, just tell me when u want


GreenCherryStudio 1 year ago

Controls Game Graphics
Very Bad graficks. But not i love this game

Chadi5859 1 year ago

i dont make those graphics mr


KSPortalcraftDev 1 year ago

Animation Game Graphics
The animations are decent, but holy h*ll I can not figure out whats going on it feels like I am high not in a good way. Try to make the game more pleasant to watch and play I have a feeling with some effort it could be good.

Chadi5859 1 year ago

I will make it more simpler and do a tutorial and i will update the textures. Thanks For You Suggestion! I am Gonna Add it Right Now!!!!!!!


peq42 1 year ago

Game Graphics Game Graphics
it'd be nice to have ANY picture/video to you know, make sure i'm not downloading a virus/very low effort game

Chadi5859 10 months ago

k dude i also think the game is trash lol
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