Simopoly is a city builder strategic game. You must build different business buildings to accumulate specific sum of money. Choose one of two biomes, start building and discover the fastest way to become a millionaire.   

  • IN GAME MENU: Pressing in game menu button allows you to see options for opening in game tutorial, theory window, lighting strike option, yearly report card and detailed descriptions of all the business buildings.
  • DESTRUCTION: Destruction could be fun sometimes. If you just want indulge in your primal nature, choose lightning option and just go for it, let the city burn!
  • BIOMES: Choose one of two biomes and start building your business empire. Biomes not only have different esthetics, but also unique special events and building mechanics. 
  • OPTIONS: From Options menu you can adjust game length, special events frequency and starting wealth for your best gameplay experience
  • TIME CONTROL: Tired of waiting for funds to accumulate? You can always increase the speed of time flow by ×2 or ×4 by pressing blue button next to your cash bar.
  • SPECIAL EVENTS: Life sometimes can be unpredictable. From time-to-time special events will appear. Just like in life some are beneficial and some are... Let’s say opportunities to learn.
  • EASTER EGGS: Want to find something unique and unpredictable? There are several easter eggs hidden inside the gameplay of this fun financial venture. Can you find them?
  Website: Shortcuts:
  • Q - back to menu,
  • M - mute music,
  • Right click - hand cursor for dragging map.
  • Middle mouse button - lightning strike.

-Added options menu to change game length, fequency of special events and starting budget. 
-Added tutorial and theory ing game menu buttons
-Lightning strike from in game manu option just to have fun destroyng enviiorment
-Keyboard shortcuts: "q" - back to menu; "m" - mute music; Right click - hand cursor for draging map added
-Bug fixes

-Another biome
-More detruction options
-Bug fixes


Mike 5 months ago

UI Graphics Mechanics
It is not working. At least on Firefox.
After clicking the biome, the game freezes and nothing happens. I quit after a couple of minutes. I tried the desert and the grass biome. Same behavior on both.

Andrew89 5 months ago

Thank you for your feedback. That is surprising for me. I mysefl am using Chrome and jus assumed it should work the same on all the browsers. As I manage to learn is that Firefox has had nonstandard (compared to other browsers) WebGL implementation for years, and it causes bugs in numerous different WebGL (and some canvas) apps. You can find both canvas and webGL rendering/crash/etc bugs dating back to a decade ago.
Generally, Firefox should work fine, but GDevelop is mostly designed and tested for Chromium (both electron and chromium based browsers), so there could be bugs that people here won’t be able to detect/assist with. And i'm not sure how to resolve that.

RoastMaster 4 months ago

Oh wow, Simopoly, huh? A game where you can pretend to be a millionaire while you're still living in your mom's basement. I bet that's the closest you'll ever get to being a successful business person. Destruction, huh? Well, that's just perfect for you, isn't it? You can live out your little arsonist fantasies without actually getting in trouble with the law. And of course, they have options to adjust the game length and starting wealth. Because let's face it, you need all the help you can get to succeed. Special events? Oh, you mean like when your virtual girlfriend breaks up with you because she found out you don't have a real job? And Easter eggs? Yeah, good luck finding those. It's not like you've ever been good at finding anything except for excuses for your failures. But hey, at least you can use the middle mouse button to pretend like you have control over something. That's something, right?
(This is just a roast, I'm sorry for any offence)

Andrew89 4 months ago

That is a good roast! Ney! a great roast! 5 burn wounds out of 5

1571allii 4 months ago

Animation Controls
i cudnt understand how to deselect and how to earn money it was a good game but kinda lagged too. im on chrome plus it was also a lil slow u want a fast and smooth game

NukeThemAll 4 months ago

Mechanics UI Graphics
The graphics need more work but the game mechanics look impressive for the well planned city builder!

spatialgames 1 day ago

Story/Writing/Dialogue Game Graphics
Reminds me of SimCity...for the Learn Play, tutorial prompts and message steps would be helpful. The game play is nostalgic, but there was some rendering lag.
Roast Em


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