Little Green Planet


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(Check the youtube link for the game mechanics)

Our world is running out of resources. We need to scout the galaxy to find new places. But we have an enemy faction with the same plan. The Rouges! Can you colonize faster?

Once we get a planet , it is precious, protect it!.

The Rouges invasion is coming. They are taking your planets, system by system. Your objective is to repel this invasion. This strategic game will provide hours of entertainment with challenging gameplay and addictive levels.

Drag from any green planet and release your finger at your destination. In the browser you can drag and zoom with your mouse. You can always drag from multiple origins as long they are all your planets.

This is a demo. Polite comments are always welcome.


New collision mid flights and better graphics.


Mike 1 year ago

Game Graphics UI Graphics
I played this game on PC with Firefox in fullscreen mode.
I enjoyed this game. It is fun. Everything works quite well.

There are some minor inconveniences I found in the UI:
There is a forward button on the last page of the tutorial that is doing nothing.
The title of the game is clickable but does nothing.
When choosing the powerup, the background image resolution changes (only in full screen mode).

I played the small map.
I liked all the small spaceships flying around.
I liked the concept of conquering other planets to get strong until you can attack the enemy.
The controls are good.
I like the art. It looks quite old and low resolution, but it reminds me of the good old games from 20 years ago.
There was one sound, though, that was a little bit annoying. I think it is the conquering planet sound. It sounds like it is clipping or something on my speakers.
And it was weird that after I conquered all the planets, there was no game won message.

A good little game. I would play again.

loodico 1 year ago

Thank you for your Roast!!
Indeed all of these points are present.
In honesty I also hate the sound that is annoying.. that will be my first change.. :)

FrancM 1 year ago

Mechanics Level Design
Classic little strategy game, quite fun to play.

+ Classic fun mechanics
+ The different upgrade choices are a nice addition
+ Graphics are okay, easy to tell they different 3rd party assets mixed together
- AI isn't so great which made it a bit too easy

loodico 1 year ago

Thank you for the roast!

Yes :). the Planets are generated from an
It has been hard to balance the AI .. some times it gets easy and sometimes really hard.

Thanks again!

Taarker 1 year ago

Mechanics Controls
I play it in Itchio website and i could tell you the game has good mechanics, like conquering planets and having conquered planets spawn more ships to conquer more, that's cool.

But I think that the game needs a difficulty selector, for example I have not been able to win even one game out of 10 that I have played, it seems very complicated to me, the mechanics are not entirely clear and the difficulty of the AI ​​seems to be too much. fast for someone who starts playing making it frustrating.

I think it would be a very good game if you keep developing it and fixing the bugs.

Good game.

loodico 1 year ago

Thank you for the roast!

Yeah the AI is tricky... I am working on having these different difficulties as parameters ( is the "aggressiveness" of the red planets ).

Thank you again!

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