Time To Maze is a choose your own adventure timed maze game. It’s an interactive visual novel with text and animated movie clips creating a story to remember. Play the role play the game.


Mike 1 year ago

Controls Game Graphics
I haven't played this for very long.
This is something that deserves the name "game" and looks somewhat polished.
I like the music, sounds, and video clips. The controls work and feel good. The UI is working well.
The level design is good, though I don't know if I like the random invisible traps.
The game is a bit too boring for my taste (at least in the first 5 minutes). Maybe you could add some abilities so the player can do more than just move.
The graphics could be improved, but I guess for the scope of the game, they are okay.
Nice one; keep going.

TPC-Tech 1 year ago

Mechanics Tutorial/Learning Curve
The loading screen takes a while to load, so I would suggest something more than a loading bar. although the Game is very intuitive, I do think you need a bit more of an explanation maybe while it loads, you can have instructions/story. I would also suggest simplifying the UI a little. there's a lot of options when you die, and its confusing on how to continue.
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