Putt-Putt Royale


Game has been taken down FYI


LostDutchman 4 years ago

Mechanics Level Design
This is awesome! I could see this getting big! I would suggest putting in a delay before the death wall starts to let players fight amongst themselves (smashing into other players balls to mess them up). I would also like to see the levels run further, or be infinite with the death wall speeding up until there is one player left standing. If I could play this on my phone, with a slightly different control scheme I would be showing it to all my friends! (If you do put it on mobile I would like to see a slingshot type of control like in Desert Golf). Otherwise the graphics could be better but this is so much fun I wouldn't care if they stay exactly the same. This is such a great game idea, don't change it too much!

Twelve47 4 years ago

That's a very generous review, thanks! I'm on-board with your feedback for the most part.. and I'll see what I can do about deploying on App Stores. For now, the game is playable on mobile browsers on Itch.io.. and my website: Twelve47Studios.com

LostDutchman 4 years ago

I went back to play it again cause its fun as hell! On one of the matches I got into a hole and it didn't move me to the next area, then before the wall hit the hole I was stuck in the game said I died. Other than that bug, the game is still RAD!!!!
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