Wobbly Dot


Wobbly Dot is my latest browser game, a minimalist arcade where you'll need fast reflexes to guide the dot to the target. Simple enough...but the dot is not moving a straight line!

Collect the stars in each of the 30 levels by finishing within the time limit. Use the stars in the shop to unlock more avatars.

Good luck and have fun!


marc_games 9 months ago

Nice concept, nice game !

On the first levels, maybe you can draw a preview of the orbit.
I didn't find the way to exit a level without having to complete the current level, if I want to replay another level or to skip one.

Is it possible to prevent orange-boxes to spawn when the "dot" is on its position ? or perhaps have a warning before so the player can react ;)

Also, can you add a sound-volume slider in the settings ?

Karg 9 months ago

hey! thank you for playing!

to exit the game, bring up the pause menu; inside the pause menu, opposite the "x", it's the "exit game" button.

orange boxes: i've toyed with different mechanics for them; i've settled for this one where you have to memorise its pattern, but perhaps i should fade it in slowly, to leave the player room to escape.

marc_games 9 months ago

Oh, ok, I never paused a game before !

Fair enough - the cyclic behavior is ok, but I loose the exact bounds of these boxes when they are invisible. It's still ok with the current mechanics - just a bit harder ;)

bcoinsdev 8 months ago

Delightful concept. Apparently, I have a talent for finding the optimal path to landing just a glancing blow onto something that kills my dot. Before I found the pause button, I developed my own pause of sorts which was finding a "safe arc" and repeatedly clicking the same focus point to only traverse said path back and forth until I figured out how to proceed/the threat was gone. Also got better at making back-of-napkin estimations.

I like how the levels progress though I feel like they are a bit too challenging--at least for me (I routinely miss the bonus star thingy). I was hardstuck on level 9 (In and Out) and finally reached level 10 at which point I'm writing this comment. One problem in that level was that the wobbly dot became very slow after maybe 5 attempts. The ghost apparently did not. Clicking refresh did nothing. I reloaded the game and then the level became very easy. Not sure if it was my browser bogged down or intentional. Anyways, again, great concept.

Karg 8 months ago

thank you for playing, glad to hear you've enjoyed it!

the degrading performance is most likely due to a memory leak, the fix should be up momentarily. thanks for pointing it out! :)

TSvikaldo 8 months ago

Mechanics Level Design
This game is awesome in almost every single way. I hope to see many more from you. However, I think it needs a bit of tweaking with the level design and a detailed tutorial. Other than that, it's great and I especially like the aesthetic.
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