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Delightful concept. Apparently, I have a talent for finding the optimal path to landing just a glancing blow onto something that kills my dot. Before I found the pause button, I developed my own pause of sorts which was finding a "safe arc" and repeatedly clicking the same focus point to only traverse said path back and forth until I figured out how to proceed/the threat was gone. Also got better at making back-of-napkin estimations.

I like how the levels progress though I feel like they are a bit too challenging--at least for me (I routinely miss the bonus star thingy). I was hardstuck on level 9 (In and Out) and finally reached level 10 at which point I'm writing this comment. One problem in that level was that the wobbly dot became very slow after maybe 5 attempts. The ghost apparently did not. Clicking refresh did nothing. I reloaded the game and then the level became very easy. Not sure if it was my browser bogged down or intentional. Anyways, again, great concept.

8 months ago

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