Walk Through Walls(Demo)


Walk Through Walls is an exploration and story based rpg that is based on clicking objects and walking around to hit different switches and triggers to progress further in the game. There are tons of hidden maps, weird glitches, cameos from popular animes and video games, hidden npcs, and alot of other interesting things to see. This is a game for people who are into rpg's with alot of dialogue and a deep story. It is also for people who enjoy easter egg hunting, weird glitches, bug testing, and funny unique characters.

Join the walks through walls guild on their journey into unknown lands to uncover the secrets of Ragnara. Will they get home unscathed or will Astella destroy our heroes? Will Trokair ever be seen again after having is body taken over by Gandore? Will Senpai ever stop trying to get her freak on? Will Lorelleii have the happy ending she so desperately desires? But most important of all, will they find all the secrets hidden within Ragnara? There is only one way to find out... Join us.

I will be posting regular updates of the progress of the game on my YouTube channel @senpaixoxo or @senpaiexplorerchicks but mostly on my Instagram @senpaiscreativestudios

There will be no new features or content added until the full release comes out. The new features in the full version will be more maps, more story, there will be more secrets and more unlockable characters. i also plan to make this game feel as open world as possible where you can go wherever whenever as long as you have the area unlocked and know how to get there so you will always be able to revisit your favorite locations or to look for more hidden secrets.

This game will contain:
5 hidden developer maps
5 Special Hidden Maps
5 unlockable characters
3 Alpha maps
3 unlockable appearances
1 hidden battle sequence
And it will have a grand total of 50 maps


Superman9269 1 year ago

Game Graphics
I like this game it's looks like fun to play and so far I don't think it needs work just keep doing what your doing and play on.

senpaiscreativestudios 1 year ago

Thank you!

AnimeKINGStudios 1 year ago

Coool bro game is so pixel and I love this Games !!! ._. Continue to Game developeing! :D

senpaiscreativestudios 1 year ago

Thank you so much this gamer chick really appreciates it :) feel free to comment if you find anything that doesn't work!

5nowGames 1 year ago

It's a fun game, I played it for a bit and had a nice time! Keep up the good work :D

senpaiscreativestudios 5 months ago

thank you!
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